Heart V. Brain

You can tell yourself to let something go. You can scream and scream about it. But the heart will do whatever it wants. It laughs derisively at the brain and his logic. The heart doesn’t care. It will beat for whomever and whatever she desires. 

The heart will look back fondly while the brain keeps trying to turn her face forward, toward what could be, not toward what was. The heart looks into the sky at what could never be and the brain keeps trying to take the heart’s attention away from silly fantasies.

Silly fantasies are fine and fun, until they keep you from reality, until they cause you pain.

The heart loves him, could love him forever and ever. The heart feels connected to him. The heart wants to become one with his heart. The brain knows it would never last. The brain knows he will never love you the way you want to be loved. The brain knows you are not good for each other.

So what are you to do, really? Wrap it all up and dump it down a well until one day it bubbles to the surface, exploding with tension, pain and misery? Or do you survive it, feeling the rejection, the ache and the melancholy of what could be, but never will?


3 thoughts on “Heart V. Brain

  1. The head keeps talking even when the heart doesn’t want to listen. It keeps saying “This too shall pass” but the heart thinks it never will. Then, one day, you realize it’s been a while since you thought about him and the head says “Told you so” in a whisper.

  2. I spent probably a big part of my teenage years right up to maybe 4 years ago asking myself this question – Heart vs Head or Brain.
    I choose heart definitely because I’m an old-fashioned girl.
    The big question is – When you’re stuck with a question like this, I often ask myself – is he THE ONE? If he is, I shouldn’t be feeling this way.

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