Vegan: Day Five

I had to stop watching the video with Gary Yousefsky midway through. It began with a writhing mass of baby pigs who had been beaten on the ground. The descriptive image is nothing compared to what I saw. So, why did I watch it?

I took the Vegan Woman Challenge and this was part of it. I stopped because I was sick to my stomach. I don’t eat pork, but I eat beef and chicken. There were swinging cows being dumped on the ground at a kosher slaughterhouse. I understand very well why people don’t want to see this. If you have any conscience whatsoever, after having watched this video, is it possible to eat meat again without compunction?

I also understand why people don’t want to see it, but to be honest, I’m not sure I can eat meat again. I really didn’t think I’d be convinced to change my ways, but Gary Yousefsky made a good point: if you can’t watch this video because it bothers you, how can you eat meat when it’s slaughtered this way?

I don’t think I can. I’ve made the argument before that I like meat and I’m not giving it up. I just don’t know of I can get those images out off head. My heart was just sick.


As for eating, Nothing is much different. I don’t feel like I’m making real sacrifices and I like what I’m eating. Although I decided to try some vegan pad Thai and it was terrible, overall I’ve enjoyed eating everything I ate this week. It’s not a difficult lifestyle change for me. I don’t miss meat, although I do miss animal products like eggs and cheese. I’m truly considering a vegetarian lifestyle. I know it’s a step in a direction and maybe, on a personal note, I need some direction. I do believe that life is constructed in such a manner that we are handed opportunities at very specific points in our lives. Right now, my heart and mind is very malleable and I kind of need something to cling to. I really don’t want that something to be someone. So, with that in mind, I feel like this is the type of commitment I can feel good about and it will make me feel good, without putting a lot of myself at jeopardy.

I have a lot of thinking to do and to be honest, I’m not sure I can finish that video, even though I promised to do the challenge. It’s day five and I feel good.



3 thoughts on “Vegan: Day Five

  1. That is originally why I stopped eating meat… horrible videos being shown on MTV Asia in 1993 about how we treat animals on the way to slaughter and how we slaughter them. I didn’t necessarily think it was wrong to eat meat, just wrong to use inhumane methods of care, transport, and slaughtering. I did decide that eggs and milk had nothing to do with that, which is why I became lacto-ovo vegetarian at the time, and not vegan. Today, in addition to the inhumane treatment of animals, I am aware of the immense negative impact the beef industry has on our environment and am glad that I don’t contribute to that either.

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