Vegan: Day Three

Well, I’ll admit it. I already messed up. I actually messed up on day one. I had been drinking, a lot, and I ate a piece of pizza. There was no meat on it because no matter how drunk I get, I always remember that I keep kosher. But the vegan eating slipped my mind for a moment because I was starving and it was there. I usually don’t even eat pizza so I’m pretty disappointed in myself.

But, I get ahead of myself. I went into Long Beach before my show, had a few beers and dinner. I used the YELP app on my phone to find a vegan restaurant or a place with vegan options. It was so easy! I ate a fried cauliflower pita sandwich with tahini sauce, hummus, onions and tomatoes. It was absolutely filling and delicious! I didn’t feel limited at all. Later, I got home and opened up the Tofu sausage and grilled it on the stove. It was fantastic. However, I have to eat it sober because after drinking, pretty much everything tastes good. I ate a nectarine with it.

I woke up and made a protein shake as I ran off to an interview. For lunch, I stir fried a green bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms. I stirred the mixture into some quinoa with fresh pepper and salt. It was fantastic. I cut a tomato and put salton it. For dinner, I mixed some raspberries in with the protein shake and I feel really good, very healthy.


But, I don’t have a connection yet to this lifestyle. It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, and maybe it’s not supposed to. But when I started keeping kosher and every time I choose to be kosher instead of eating a Hawaiian pizza or cheeseburger, the intention behind my choice makes me feel connected to Judaism and to God. Making vegan food choices doesn’t make me feel connected to anything. I’m wondering if this is because I need to understand more than just the health benefits of veganism.Ā  I know there are other reasons people choose to live vegan lifestyles and today, I’m going to spend some time reading, watching, learning and reflecting about how food choices we make affect the animals we share the world with.


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