Vegan for a Week

After interviewing Sivan Pardo from The Vegan Woman, I decided to accept her challenge of “Going Vegan”.

I started Sunday by reviewing the challenge and making a food list. I happened to meet a girl Saturday night who had to become vegan due to health reasons. She suggested going to Whole Foods. So, I had to hunt down the closest Whole Foods to Burbank, and then decide if I should buy vegetables and fruits from somewhere else to save money.

I knew I was already going to fail on the first part of the challenge: Get rid of all animal products in your house. I live with three other people and I can’t afford to get rid of some things in the freezer. But I solemnly swear to not even look at them!

Whole Foods isn’t too far from me, but I discovered that the vegetables are very expensive. I bought some vegan treats and other vegan products like Tofurkey and Vegan cream cheese. I also bought coconut oil(I’ve seen a lot of uses on Pinterest and was intrigued) and tahini sauce. Then, I went to Albertson’s for fruits and vegetables.

Processed Food for Vegans

Stuff I would buy anyway

I woke up a little late today and didn’t feel like drinking my Herbalife protein shake, which is fantastic! It’s 200 calories and Vegan! I get all my nutrients for a meal and lose weight at the same time. But, I wanted to try out some new food. I pulled out some Lavash bread (Middle Eastern style bread, no animal products) and spread Vegan cream cheese on it with some Tofurkey slices.

Looks gross…but it actually tastes really good.

As for the rest of my meals, I’ll have a shake and cut some tomatoes with salt. I don’t anticipate that eating Vegan for a week will be terribly difficult simply because I’ve regulated my diets in very strict ways before: keeping kosher, the 17-day-diet, kosher for Passover. But, I imagine it will be difficult for me to eat out and so I will have to be prepared before I go out. Luckily, I live in Southern California and vegan options are never far away.

Task #1: Watch Forks Over Knives

The website uses this description: The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

What struck me most about the synopsis, other than I definitely want to see the film because it’s about turning back life’s clock by changing what we put in our bodies, is that half of the American population could need to have their chests split open and have their heart operated upon if we continue to eat a Western diet.

I don’t eat a Western diet, which is not to say that I eat a completely plant-based diet, but chili dogs, onion rings, pulled pork and fried chicken don’t make it past the face threshold. But, I am curious to see how I will feel come next Sunday.

Day One: So far, so good.

On a side note, I won a coconut yesterday. How do I eat it?

I didn’t get very far


3 thoughts on “Vegan for a Week

  1. Good for you. I’ve been Vegan for over 3 years now. I say regarding fruits/veggies if you have a good farmer’s market check those out. We are growing a lot of our own stuff to stay away from GMO’s and having fruit/veggies shipped from around the world.

  2. So cool! Good challenge! I was bored 2 years ago and wanted to have a blog. I didn’t know what to write about, so I randomly chose to go vegan for 30 days. My biggest animal products were fried eggs and fancy cheeses. I went into it cynical, but the blog held me accountable. Like you, I wasn’t a huge meat eater and ate vegan or vegetarian sometimes. In my first 30 days, I found that I was hungry a lot. My vegan meals I was making for myself weren’t very high in calories, plus I was working out a lot. Two years later, I am able to make vegan dishes that make me full and that aren’t a box of pasta. I didn’t stay completely vegan after my 30 day blog; those fried egg sandwiches were calling my name! About 8 months later, I went full on vegan…”hardcore” as my friends would say. In that time, I met & married my husband, who also went vegan with me. At 31, I was doing all sorts of things I swore I’d never do- get married, going vegan!…I think you will enjoy your time becoming aware of your food and what goes into your body. Good luck! I look forward to reading what happens next.

    • I am *obsessed* about what goes into my body and I love what I’m learning about vegan food/raw food/animal products. It’s really opening my eyes! Thanks!!!

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