Podcasts Galore!

I have been behind. It’s not like I’ve been busy starting my life over and have any excuse as to why the three podcasts I have recorded weren’t routinely posted in a timely fashion.  But I sarcastically digress…

I’ve got no furniture, no job, I sleep on an mattress, I’m eating frugally so I’m slimming down.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

In the posted links, you will discover the following:

Episode 6 A recording I made the morning I left Israel, before I wrote about why I left:

Episode 7 A recording I made a week later involving my happiness, moving on, looking for jobs, moving to LA, my worries, fears, hopes, dreams.

– Episode 8 A return to interviewing a guest: Sivan Pardo who manages an amazing website: The Vegan Woman. We discuss her journey into the vegan lifestyle, the health benefits, the impetus behind her decision and I impulsively decide to try an experiment, to be announced shortly.

In the upcoming weeks, podcast topics will vary. Next week, I am speaking with Jo Savill about science communication, how to decide if the link on Facebook to the “research” on immunization is based on sound science, medical self-diagnosis and some of the differences between Australia, Israel and the U.S. in regards to science and lifestyle.

Upcoming topics include:

A Conversation with a Culinary Innovator

Surviving Post-Partum Depression

Confronting a Friend

Jealousy Within Friendship

and more….so, stay tuned.

This podcast is a fairly good reflection of my life: A work in progress. I’m grateful to those of you who tune in (to the podcast and to my life).

The esteemed Benjamin Franklin wrote: Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. I feel like this is where I stand. Right now, I am in a period of growth and progress so that I can improve my life, achieve happiness and find success. I am meant for something better, and I hope that in listening to my podcast or reading the blog, you find that whatever lack you feel is being challenged so that you can grow, progress, improve, achieve and succeed.


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