Episode 2: Being Married Doesn’t Mean You Stop Having Fun

Today I recorded my first live radio show with my guest “Joan Simmons”, who preferred a pseudonym, and we discussed marriage and the change that occurs when you get married, including different scenarios, focusing mainly on keeping the fun in married life. We also talked about the benefits to marriage, for those single ladies considering it or keeping far away.

You can listen here: Podcast Episode Two

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To listen live, log  on to W4CY.com at 12Pm EST on Thursdays. I’ll be there. Waiting.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Being Married Doesn’t Mean You Stop Having Fun

  1. Hey Susanna, I have a question after listening to your podcast…how similar would you say dating is to marriage if you live with your boyfriend while dating? Does the act of getting marriage change anything about the relationship, or is it actually the time spent together that changes things?

  2. I would say that at every stage things change and feel different. For me, we weren’t sharing finances before we were engaged, but after we were engaged, I needed him to support me because I couldn’t get by without. We lived together for our entire engagement and it still felt differently after we got married. I think it changed because we made such a serious commitment to each other and we both believe that there is no going back. When you’re living together, even if you’re very committed, there’s always an escape hatch and when it changes, your relationship does too. It actually made me more willing to compromise because I knew that this is the man I had chosen to live with for the rest of my life and I was going to have to give a lot if I wanted to have a successful marriage.

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