A Valentine’s Day Tribute to my Husband

A Valentine’s Day Love Story

Here is an excerpt from my private blog on December 9th, 2009. It’s the first time I wrote about my husband, loving him and how he loved me:

“I am also ready to share this on my blog, for the whole world to read. I have found someone new. He is, simply put, one of the best men I have ever met in my life. I have dated men with honor. I have dated men with pride. I have dated men who are courageous. I have dated men who are smart. I have dated men with ambition and I have dated men with a great sense of humor. I haven’t dated men who have the same vision for the future. I certainly haven’t dated anyone who possessed all of the previous qualities. Ben, my boyfriend, is more than just that. He has character. He is passionate, and caring. He does everything in his power to take care of me, to make sure that I am safe, and happy. He will be a great father and husband.

I think he loves me.

So, this is good. In fact, it’s great.

Whatever happens, the time I am spending in Israel is irreplaceable and one day I will have to return to the world I know. I was worried that I wouldn’t recognize it, or perhaps it wouldn’t recognize me. But, I am confident that when I return for good, all shall be exactly as God intends it to be.”

This was approximately two months before my husband proposed. Much of my musings were written in a notebook which sits on my desk in Israel, but I wanted to go back and read what I had written about him online since we are so far apart and I miss him, greatly.

Soon after I posted the above blog we discussed willingness to move to the United States and he told me that when you have something good in your hand, you don’t let it go. He had no intention of losing me and if moving to the United States was the deal breaker, he was willing to do it. I know how hard it will be for him to leave the land he fought for and the family he loves. It was just too hard for me; I had to return.

We’re spending this Valentine’s Day apart and it’s likely that we won’t celebrate our first anniversary together either. But, I love him and this is just one section of our lives that we have to focus on. It might end up being the worst Valentine’s Day I’ll ever spend, but if it’s the worst, I guess I’m the lucky one because even though we are apart, we still have so much to be grateful for. Although it’s hard to see everyone else with the one they love, I’m not really a third wheel because he’s always with me, on my mind and in my heart.

So on this Valentine’s Day, if you get to love the one you’re with, hold them very, very tightly. It’s not about what you buy each other, or what romantic restaurant you two go to for dinner, it is about being together and expressing love for one another. It’s something you should do every day, but if you find yourself forgetting, let today be a reminder to not take for granted the one who loves you, to not pass over the one you love.

Ben and I on our wedding day


3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Tribute to my Husband

  1. Beautiful words Susanna, I’m so happy that you so in love! And you are wonderful to sound so happy and positive being so far away from your wonderful husband, I know how hard it must be. Good on you both for being so strong! You’ve made me think how lucky I am as well. Thank you!

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