Press Release about My New Radio Show!

Old Radio Host: New Radio Show

Create the life you want to live for the rest of your life. Sounds a little hokey, but the phrase is helping women refocus their life paths and walk with grace toward changing their lives to become better women. Susanna Dvash, professional blogger, motivational speaker and now, radio host, is helping women, and challenging them, to change their lives. Her blog discusses issues like jealousy, anger, and even Facebook, while providing some solutions and opportunities for women to reflect on their relationship to an issue.

“Changing our lives isn’t just about seeing something you don’t like and saying: I don’t want to be that way anymore. It’s about recognizing a need for change every day, focusing on it, and powering through our urges to stay the same, committing the same negative habits and acting in ways contrary to how we want to be perceived. I challenge women to be better versions of themselves, dare them to confront their problems and give them tools to make changes. Ultimately I’m helping women grow older and wiser with grace,” says Susanna.

Her website, “” has been gaining steady momentum since it’s launch in early 2012. Her next speaking engagement will be at a conference for young Jewish professionals in Long Beach on February 26. She continues to speak at functions designed for women, change and well-being. Upcoming engagement include  California, Arizona and Nevada.

“Right now, I’m just focusing on regional speaking engagements, but there’s nothing stopping me from taking myself on the road and speaking across the nation,” she says.

As the momentum behind continues to grow, excitement is built over the new radio show. February 23rd, 2012, marks the starting date for a new talk radio show for women. Susanna Dvash spends an hour discusses issues related to women like postpartum depression, marital issues, dating, becoming a mom and changing habits to be a better woman. The show is broadcast on W4CY.COM and airs at 12 PM EST Thursdays weekly. is ranked #1 on WPB for those who listen on their smartphones. Listeners on the internet can join in on chat discussions are ask questions in real-time.

Susanna Dvash is recently returned from living in Israel for two and a half years. She spent her twenties as a teacher, coach and journalism adviser. Recently married, she has returned to the United States, changed careers and is now a professional blogger, motivational speaker and radio host. She focuses on helping women become the best versions of themselves.

For more information, visit:

How Excited Am I?


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